Halifax County

"First for Freedom" Outdoor Drama Special Performance

Halifax, NC

Special performance of the "Delegation" scene from the "First for Freedom" historical outdoor drama. The scene is being performed as part of our celebration of our country's independence!

Overall, "First for Freedom" tells the story of Halifax County's, particularly the Town of Halifax's, involvement in the events leading up to and during the Revolutionary War. The Town of Halifax was sharply divided between those loyal to the crown and those who sought independence. Sometimes that happened among family and friends. The people of Halifax and the colony of North Carolina took a brave step at the Fourth Provincial Congress held on April 12, 1776, and passed the Halifax Resolves, the first official declaration of independence from England by any colony. This is an inspiring tale of our country's quest for independence that began with the flames of freedom in a town called Halifax.

July 4, 2016
Halifax County Courthouse 377 Ferrell Lane , Halifax, NC 27839
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