Halifax County

Medoc Mountain Spring Races

Hollister, NC

The Medoc Spring Races uses a handicapping system to stagger the start time of runners. Start times are established based on your age and gender.
Please keep in mind the head starts are designed to create a competitive race and not to give any one group a competitive advantage. We attempted to use science to create the start times and minimize any human bias.
By "equalizing" all runners with head starts it creates a race environment like nothing else in the area. The most talented runners in their age group are now racing to win it all!

May 7, 2016
$25 -- Kids (Age 7-17) $30 -- Seniors (Age 60+) $35 -- Standard (Age 18-59)
Medoc Mountain State Park 1541 Medoc State Park Road, Hollister, NC 27844
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