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Town of Hobgood’s Rockfish

The Town of Hobgood rocks the Roanoke Valley! Hobgood recently released their Roanoke Valley rockfish during their annual July 4th celebration. The fish, painted by local artist Tina Gregory, showcases the beauty of both the landscape of Hobgood and the surrounding area, as well as the restored buildings in the town, such as the Hobgood Country Church Museum in Friendship Park. The fish also pays homage to Hobgood’s agricultural history with the cotton fields and cotton wagon. Hobgood’s initial growth was spearheaded by agriculture, which is celebrated annually on the 2nd Saturday of October during the Hobgood Cotton Festival. The town really grew with the coming of the railroad, and visitors can still experience that history at the restored train depot, and the fish is located prominently in front of the depot. Hobgood also has a variety of local businesses in the downtown area.

217 West Commerce , Hobgood, NC 27843
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