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Halifax, North Carolina, is best known as the home of the Halifax Resolves, a document created by the North Carolina Provincial Congress on April 12th, 1776. The Halifax Resolves empowered North Carolina’s representatives attending the Continental Congress in Philadelphia to vote for independence from Great Britain and paved the way for North Carolina’s adoption of the Declaration of Independence. The Halifax Resolves are generally considered the first official act of any colony for independence from Great Britain. Here are a few more facts about Halifax:

  • The first official public reading of the Declaration of Independence in North Carolina took place in Halifax on August 1st, 1776.
  • North Carolina’s first state constitution was created in Halifax during the fall and winter of 1776.
  • Halifax would be the site of a 1781 battle between British forces and the Halifax District Militia.
  • The date April 12th, 1776, on the NC State Flag, commemorates the Halifax Resolves.
  • Halifax is recognized by the National Park Service Underground Railroad Network to Freedom program. The State Historic Site manages an Underground Railroad trail that interprets the stories of freedom seekers in Halifax County.
  • Historic Halifax State Historic Site has recently received funds to renovate its visitor center.
  • The site has also received funds to complete the restoration of the William R. Davie House. This building is the only standing home of former North Carolina Governor William R. Davie. Davie was also one of the founders of the University of North Carolina and as a member of the 1787 United States Constitutional Convention, is considered to be a United States Founding Father.


The state of North Carolina is celebrating the 250th anniversary of the Halifax Resolves at Historic Halifax. Over the next two years, special activities will be planned at the historic site. The next event is Independence Comes to NC on August 1st.

Get ready for an extraordinary journey through history as we gear up to celebrate America's remarkable milestone – its 250th birthday! Halifax County, nestled in the heart of North Carolina, proudly holds the title of the "Birthplace of American Independence."

In 1776, right here in Halifax, the Fourth Provincial Congress of North Carolina took an audacious step by adopting the Halifax Resolves. This groundbreaking document called for nothing less than complete independence from Great Britain and urged the other twelve colonies to follow suit. Halifax didn't just light a candle; it ignited the fire of freedom that would forever change the course of history.

As we embark on the preparations for this monumental celebration, we invite you to join us in honoring the legacy of those brave souls who took that decisive stand in our historic county. Together, we'll ignite a new spark of unity, patriotism, and appreciation for the liberty we hold dear.

Stay tuned for updates, events, and an unforgettable journey through time as we count down to America's 250th birthday right here in Halifax County, NC. Let's make history together!

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