Visit Halifax County North Carolina

The Center for Energy Education presents: "Solar in Our Communities" Workshop

Weldon, NC

In recent years North Carolina has witnessed a boom in the solar industry and now ranks second in the nation. Solar farms bring clean renewable energy, jobs and investments to our communities. We will discuss the lifetime of a solar farm from permitting and construction to decommissioning.
Economic & Environmental Impacts of Solar
Power Projects
What are impacts for the county, state, community, neigh-bors and landowners? What are the impacts of a solar farm during construction, operations and decommissioning?
Solar Technology Standards
& Construction Practices
What is the latest technology being used in a solar farm? What is the process during construction and decommissioning?
Regulatory Considerations
What federal, state and county regulations govern solar farm? What permits are required? How do I get heard?

March 3, 2016
Halifax Community College Building 400—Room 401 100 College Drive, Weldon, NC 27890
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