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Weldon Mills Distillery
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Weldon Mills Distillery

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Weldon Mills Distillery offers a gathering place and also support for families of fallen soldiers. “This is especially close to my heart not only because of my service, but because my brother-in-law was shot down in Afghanistan and I witnessed the effects on my sister and our family. We are dedicating a bourbon and apparel line towards raising money for this effort. Additionally, we will have a Rockfish line of whiskey and apparel focused on rockfish preservation, as that is a major resource for the community,” Bruce explained.
Weldon Mills will produce two lines of bourbon with one dedicated to the previously mentioned effort, and the other will be a premium reserve bourbon. The Mill will offer a regular whiskey and one flavored with sweet potato. Additionally, vodka and gin will be produced. They are using a new process for these spirits, not yet used in the industry. Tours are offered to embrace the local history and the spirit making process. Folks can enjoy a tasting and purchase bottles and memorabilia in the distillery. Additionally, they can purchase mixed drinks with spirits at the Mill.

Hours & Seasons
Please check website for hours of operation & tour times.
100 Rockfish Drive , Weldon, NC 27890


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