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West End in Enfield
West End in Enfield

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Welcome to West End in Enfield! Whether you are here for a night, a week, a month, or even longer, I appreciate you choosing to stay with us.

We (my husband & business partner, James, and I) completed renovations to the existing duplexes at West End in March 2020. Renovations are our thing, as we own a construction company focusing on historic restoration and preservation. We preserved the unique features of West End while updating the space for enjoyment in 2020 and beyond. The finishes and furnishings were chosen to honor the original construction time of the 1930’s. The renovations at West End were particularly fun as we had the opportunity to hear stories from towns’ people about their experiences at and their connection to the duplexes.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am to host you here in my hometown. Founded in 1740, Enfield has many beautiful sites on the National Historic Register, including The Cellars, former home of NC Governor John Branch. Combined with the natural beauty of our great outdoors that can be enjoyed at Medoc Mountain State Park or paddling Fishing Creek, Enfield has something to offer everyone!

-Julia Andrus

Julia Andrus
Glenview Road , Enfield, NC 27823


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