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The HCCVB Funds Smokehouse Construction at Bradford House

Post: May 14, 2024



Historic Halifax, NC — The Halifax County Convention & Visitors Bureau is pleased to announce its funding for constructing a smokehouse on the grounds of the Bradford-Denton House, a landmark in Historic Halifax. This initiative aligns with our mission to bring history to life and provide visitors with an immersive exploration of life in Halifax in 1776.

Rev. Henry Bradford, a Revolutionary War soldier, Methodist minister, and early educator, played a pivotal role in shaping the region's historical landscape. The Bradford House, recently restored to its original 1790 appearance, was a gathering place for early Methodists and educational activities in Halifax County. The addition of the smokehouse will offer visitors an authentic glimpse into the essential food preservation practices of the era, showcasing the challenges and resourcefulness of colonial life.

"We are pleased that the Halifax County Convention and Visitors Bureau continues to support the vision for the Bradford-Denton House property. With the addition of a smokehouse, we can more fully exhibit how life was lived by our colonial ancestors here in Halifax County," stated Jeff Dickens, Director of the Bradford-Denton House Project.

"We are thrilled to support this project that enriches the visitor experience," said Lori Medlin, President & CEO of the Halifax County Convention & Visitors Bureau. "The new smokehouse will deepen our understanding of daily life in the late 18th century and pay tribute to the innovative methods our forebears used to survive and thrive."

This project will be an interactive educational resource for school groups, tourists, and historians. The smokehouse will be used to illustrate food storage and preparation in a time before refrigeration, allowing guests to understand the importance of this skill in colonial times.

The Halifax County Convention & Visitors Bureau remains committed to supporting initiatives that preserve our region's rich history. We invite everyone to visit the Bradford-Denton House and explore how this new addition brings the spirit of Halifax's past to life.

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Pictured: Tara Fowler, Larry Armstrong, Dandra Bryant, Jeff Dickens, Yvonne Thompson, Lori Medlin, Brent Lubbock, Andrew Ownbey, Savanah Ownbey, Earl Ijames

Updated: May 28, 2024 11:52 amEDT

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