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Colonial Kitchen & Blacksmith Shop Open Bradford-Denton House

Post: April 13, 2023

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Halifax, NC


The Halifax County Convention & Visitors Bureau is pleased to announce that the Colonial Kitchen and the Blacksmith Shop are now open at the Bradford-Denton House in Halifax, NC.

The Bradford-Denton House is a project of the Historical Halifax Restoration Association.  Jeff Dickens, an organization member, has created, raised funds, and constructed the Bradford-Denton House as a labor of love and a gift to Halifax County. 

The Bradford-Denton house was built about 1760 on property near Fishing Creek in Halifax County, North Carolina, on land owned by Col. John Bradford, a delegate to the 4th Provincial Congress where the Halifax Resolves were adopted.

Rev. Henry Bradford was a Revolutionary War Soldier and early Methodist minister.  He founded Bradford's Chapel and held Methodist camp meetings on his property.  Bishop Francis Asbury was a frequent visitor to the Bradford home, and records show services were held in the Bradford house.  Rev. Henry Bradford was also an early educator in Halifax County, having operated Bradford's Academy in the early 1800s.  The Historical Halifax Restoration Association, Inc. has moved the Bradford House to Historic Halifax to restore its 1790 appearance.

Lori Medlin, President & CEO of the Halifax County Convention & Visitors Bureau, stated, "Our organization has long hoped for living history opportunities at Historic Halifax.  Our organization and the Bradford Family funded the construction and upfit of the detached Colonial Kitchen behind the house to offer visitors a glimpse of what life was like in the 1700s. 

"The backyard of a colonial Halifax home was a busy area. Meals would have been prepared in a detached kitchen. In addition to the kitchen, the family would have stored meat in a smokehouse and maintained a well-house", explained Jeff Dickens, creator of the project.

The Halifax County Convention & Visitors Bureau also funded the construction and upfit of the Blacksmith Shop on the site.  The Blacksmith Shop would have furnished metal objects and made repairs for the community.

"Working together works!" said Representative Michael Wray.  "This is an excellent example of groups coming together to make something positive happen for Halifax County and the great State of North Carolina!"

The Historical Halifax Restoration Association plans to offer living history demonstrations throughout the year.  Visit for more information.

Updated: April 13, 2023 12:34 pmEDT

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