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Here is a list of caterer contacts for your group visit to Halifax County. 

4 Season's Catering(252) 885-6178Tony Vaughn
Grand Pa’s Kitchen(252) 586-3211Jeffery or Johnell
David’s(252) 308-2122David Watson
Jermonicos (252) 536-0282Jerry Parker
A Catered Affair  (252) 586-1222Gussie Silver

Back Yard Bubba

(984) 200-8658

Lake Gastronomy(252) 367-7869Christian Brown
Logans(252) 537-1414Kevin Moore
LouReda's(252) 443-5188Lou Reda
Don Juan(252) 541-3449David Magana
Popeye's(252) 822-3139Jerry Niswonger
Roma's(252) 541-1192Daniel Durham
The Hen & The Hog(252) 583-1017Kayla Mason
V's Gourmet Foodservice(252) 678-8155Vicky Bennett

Food Trucks

Here is a list of food truck contacts for your group visit to Halifax County. 

Andy's Kettle Corn(252) 578-3567Robert Gervasio
Back Yard Bubba(984) 200-8658 
Browning's Grill(252) 537-1106Fran Conner
Friendly Tacos(984) 298-7952Friendly Tacos
Kurbside Kitchen(252) 370-3996Chris Owens
Lawrance & Perry BBQ(919) 729-2444Lawrance
Main Event Food Truck(252) 541-4330 
Popeye's(252) 822-3139Jerry Niswonger
Servin' & Swervin(919) 349-0924Janet Smith
Steve's Sno Cone Cups(252) 676-0572Steve Milligan
Sunshine Girls Lemonade(910) 545-0654Michael Link
Super Snack Shop(828) 247-6091Denis Baron
The Beefmastor on Wheels Food Truck(252) 969-3119Chad Ellis
The Hen & The Hound Wood Fired Pizza & Chef Services(518) 709-2105Mindy DeGroff
The Hot Dog Shack(252) 673-2334Frankie Smith
The Snack Shack(252) 445-3178Brian Bozard
Y'ALL Eat Yet(252) 325-0112Heather Lawicki

Printed Banners

Here is a list of sign shop contacts for all your banner needs. 

Express Signs(252) 537-5220Brad Floyd
Lynch's Signs(252) 535-7096Kevin Lynch


Centerline Designsemail linkCole & Christy
Wrenn Sports Graphics(252) 673-5491Randy Wrenn

Custom Items

Crafted(252) 536-1916Michael Garrett

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If you provide catering services and are located in Halifax County please contact to be added to this list. 

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