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Sylvan Heights Bird Park: Waterfowl Man

Post: July 17, 2018

Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Man Story.jpg

Sylvan Heights Bird Park is set up for the preservation and conservation of waterfowl and the wetlands in which they live. Founded by Mike & Ali Lubbock, they relocated to the States from England bringing with them a lifetime of waterfowl knowledge and experience. They established the Sylvan Heights Water Fowl in 1981. By 1989, they opened the Avian Breeding Center which is now the largest collection of rare, exotic and endangered birds. The collection has over 3,000 birds from 140 different species. In 2006, the Sylvan Heights Bird Park opened to the public. The park showcases birds from almost every continent. There are beautiful gardens and walkthrough aviaries. Mike Lubbock has earned the title Waterfowl Man and has written a book about his journey to save water birds. He has received numerous awards for breeding birds and is well known as the foremost aviculturist in the world. Come and visit Sylvan Heights Bird Park and then read The Waterfowl Man to get the inside story.

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