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The Railroad of Freedom

Post: April 11, 2017

Roanoke Canal Underground Railroad.png

The Underground Railroad was neither a train nor was it underground. However, it was one of the most important travel routes in American history. As most realize, prior to 1865, slavery was legal in many US states and territories. The Underground Railroad was a series of stops and safe havens which could get freedom seekers one step closer to freedom. In November, Halifax County held the Walking in the Footsteps of Freedom event. Hike along the Roanoke Canal, a known passage of runaway slaves. Visitors can hear historians recount the trials and tribulations of slaves on their near-hopeless journey to freedom in the North. Also, learn about life for the hopeless and lost runaways by reading authentic newspaper ads describing plantation escapees. During the early 19th Century, Halifax had the largest number of free blacks in the South. Also, Quakers, people sympathetic to slaves, had settled nearby. A slave could blend in and count on help from white and black folk alike. An absolutely fascinating and vital part of our history, visit The Underground RR in Halifax.

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