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A Revolutionary View at History

Post: February 16, 2017


Close your eyes and imagine Halifax County, NC, nearly 250 years ago, tall trees, rolling hills and new settlers eager to stretch their wings from the tyranny of British rule. It all began here in Halifax County on April 12, 1776, when citizens of Halifax were the first to declare their independence from England.

Created for America’s Bicentennial, First for Freedom is the state’s second longest consecutively running outdoor drama. To explore the events leading up to the adoption of what became known as the Halifax Resolves, local playwright Max Williams conceived the outdoor drama that now features area volunteer actors and actresses who recreate history each summer as a labor of love and a tribute to the nation’s forefathers.

Go back to a simpler time when America was young and history was yet to be made.

Updated: February 16, 2017 10:56 am EST

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