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Wake boarding & wake surfing adventures available on Lake Gaston

Post: February 16, 2017


Lake Gaston is home to Adam Fields, world championship wake boarder. Adam opened the AF Wake School in 2000.

Whether you are learning how to get up, wanting to win a World Championship of your own, or anything in between, the AF Wake School is the place to come to learn wakeboarding, wakeskating, and wakesurfing.

Parents/Grandparents, give your kids the opportunity to learn something fun and new! Our camp is dedicated to the success of every student.

Instruction is personalized for your enjoyment. We offer a variety of packages to fit your needs either on your own boat or the AF Wake School’s boats. Day and hourly rates are available, and now offering overnight camp where you can fully experience the AF Wake School!

If you do not have a board, no problem, come try some Liquid Force boards, bindings, or Inland Surfers. We carry a variety of wakeboarding needs!

The AF Wake School offers coaching year round. You can visit Adam in the winters in Orlando, FL or catch him in the summers at Lake Gaston, NC. Our camp is dedicated to its students and family’s, and we hope that you are blown away from your experience at the AF Wake School!

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Whether you are an expert skier looking for the next water sport to try, or just a first timer to the lake, the experts at WakeSurf NC will get you out on the water and having fun. Wakesurfing is really exciting and no prior experience is needed. It is an easy and safe way to enjoy being towed behind a boat. Surfing is something that both young and old can enjoy. You will still need to be of average physical condition.

With our expert team riders coaching you along you will be surfing the wave before you know it. The Surfer starts out in the water, holding the rope and planting their heels on the surf board. The boat starts to accelerate at a slow speed pulling the surfer up to a standing position. The boat will top out at 10-11 mph. Once the Surfer feels comfortable riding the wave and they find the “sweet spot” the surfer will toss the rope and ride the endless wave unassisted.

Once the surfer can control the board and has the hang of it they can ride up and down the wave creating bigger distance between them and the boat. WakeSurfing is fun for the entire family.

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Updated: February 16, 2017 10:56 am EST

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