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“Check out” a Bike and Travel Back in Time

Post: September 1, 2018

Roanoke Canal Trail.jpg

One of the newest additions to our recreational activities is the Bike Lending Program on the Roanoke Canal Trail. The Roanoke Canal Trail contains some of the most impressive and best preserved early 19th century canal construction in the nation. Along the trail, you may experience sightings of wildlife, wildflowers, creeks, and the Roanoke River. You can now “check out” a bike at two locations on the seven mile long Roanoke Canal Trail and ride for free! The Roanoke Canal Museum, located on Jackson Street in Roanoke Rapids, or Riverside Mill on Mill Street in Weldon, are stocked with bikes and ready to help you experience the trail. To check out a bike, leave a driver’s license at either location and ride all day. When you return your bike, the license is returned to you. Families can enjoy the trail even if everyone doesn’t have their own bike. Enjoy one of our best kept secrets. Contact the HCCVB during your trip to Halifax County for more bike sharing information! (800-522-4282)

Updated: April 11, 2019 09:15 am EDT

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