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I-95 Road Trip: Main Street Magic in Roanoke Rapids

As Seen in Our State Magazine July 2021

Post: July 5, 2021

Although Ed Williams and Tony Hall mostly carry new inventory now, Rivertown’s consignment-store roots — and Tony’s love of collectibles — are reflected in vintage vignettes around the shop. PHOTOGRAPH BY TIM ROBISON

On “The Avenue,” the beating heart of Roanoke Rapids, a shop called Rivertown keeps reinventing itself, delivering just what its customers are looking for — including, simply, a comforting spot to spend an afternoon.

If only the notion of consignment stores had been familiar to me four decades ago, when I was a newlywed desperate for furniture. Choices were limited to hand-me-downs (my physician father-in-law’s examining table, which we sawed the legs off to use as a coffee table) and used furniture stores, where we bought a fake-wood Formica-topped table for, uh, fine dining. But a consignment store might sell you a silver pitcher hammered out by Paul Revere himself. These days, the concept is ever-evolving. Just ask Ed Williams and Tony Hall of Roanoke Rapids, longtime friends who took an exit, if you will, from longtime careers into the consignment business.

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by Susan Stafford Kelly
This story was published on Jul 01, 2021

Updated: July 21, 2021 08:37 am EDT

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