Visit Halifax County North Carolina

Rockin’ the Outdoors

Post: February 16, 2017


Explore historic sites, bait your hook to catch striped bass during keeper season, or experience the world’s largest collection of waterfowl when you visit Halifax County in the springtime. The foliage is lush, the countryside colorful as the flora awakens from its winter slumber.

Learn about the Halifax Resolves, the document that gave rise to the Declaration of Independence at Halifax State Historic Site. Celebrate the development of local transportation and power generation at the Roanoke Canal Museum and Trail, check out the Civil War era Weldon-Wilmington Railroad Trestle, and immerse yourself in African-American history at the Rosenwald School and the Remembering Tilley Project resettlement community. See how many of the colorfully painted rockfish you can spot around the county. Swim or boat on Roanoke Rapids Lake and the beautiful Lake Gaston or hike and picnic at Medoc Mountain State Park.

Updated: February 16, 2017 10:56 am EST

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